Cowboys and the Train Ride to the Grand Canyon

Matthew - Saturday, 3 July 2010 01:22

After hearing so many good things about the train ride down into the Grand Canyon we decided to take the ride down.  Before that, we saw a cowboy show with very good actors. It was hilarious. There was a gun fight. The Marshal won by making a new rule and confusing the horse thieves. “Rule number one…” he said.  After shooting both thieves he told us the rule ” I always win.” These are the cowboys that did a show before the train ride.

Then, after the show, we got on the train and headed out to the Grand Canyon. The train ride was beautiful and we could see for miles on both sides of the train. There were many tumble weeds that were so big that it would come waist high on some people.  It was a two and a half hour trip up to the rim of the Grand Canyon. We all jumped when a guitarist started singing and playing out of the blue on the train. He played many songs and most of them were in different languages but did well at singing all the different songs.  It was a great ride with many cool surprises. These are pictures from our train ride to the Grand Canyon.� Read More

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Cherokee Trading Post

Matthew - Friday, 25 June 2010 04:50

We were kind of done sitting down in a car for hours on end, so we were looking out the windows for a rest stop.  That’s when we passed another KOA campsite with a live buffalo and a Cherokee trading post and restaurant. We stopped and walked over to see a male, female and a baby buffalo. The big male buffalo was pooping which was very nasty so we just kept walking to a wall with a mural trying not to notice the smell. We bought some things at the store and had to get back in the truck and ride to the new campsite. The Cherokee place didn’t stink. Well, the buffalo did.

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Mater on Route 66

Matthew - Thursday, 24 June 2010 12:11

As we drove down Route 66 in Galena, Kansas we looked over to see Mater from the Cars movie in front of a shop with lots of Cars stuff in it. To bad for us, the shop was closed so we couldn’t talk to the manger about Mater. There were great things inside. We took some pictures and had to move on saying “Good bye” to Mater. I think he waved good bye to us as we were leaving. 

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The Saluki?

Matthew - Wednesday, 23 June 2010 06:32

My small group leader gave us the challenge to figure out what the word “Sluki” meant, without using  the internet. Two days passed and I finally mustered up the nerve to ask someone.  What I found out was that the Saluki was a dog but was also a college mascot for Southern Illinois University. Here is there athletic site: -click here The reward was 5 points which is really big deal to us, but you’ll have to ask our parents why. Read More

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