Camping near Chattanooga – KOA at Lookout Mountain

Derek - Thursday, 7 April 2011 01:34

Looks like we made our way to a KOA at Lookout Mountain in Trenton, Georgia.

We are all having a blast at this campground. We parked our camper at site 51. It is a perfect spot. Right next to the playground, and not far from the store and restrooms.

One day, Mom, Dad and I went on a hiking on a mountain trail. We were able to see some amazing views of the mountainside.

On Monday a terrible storm hit and we had to go to the game room. We waited out for about an hour and half. Since it was game room I played Galaga and got number 2. Out of the all the people that tried no one could beat my high score. The storm calmed down and we were able to go back to our sites. Surprisingly our camper didn’t undergo any damages.

Other than the game room this KOA campsite has another one of my favorite features, a jumping pillow. The jumping pillow is a big inflatable tube that you just jump and bounce on. It is so fun to play on that I could be jumping and bounce all day.

Unfortunately the trip is almost over and we are all so sad. But we are still gonna have fun the rest of the trip.

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Train robbery!

Derek - Saturday, 3 July 2010 01:22

Yesterday, while we were on the train leaving the Grand Canyon, we saw some robbers chasing the train on horses. The train stopped and the robbers got on. We gave them some money and got some cool pictures, (the robbery was just a skit). After the robbers left the sheriff came and I told him the robbers went the way he just came from. Well, I knew he didn’t like that because he gave me a mean stare. After that, he just went the way he thought where the robbers were. Now you know that we were the dumbest train because we stopped to let the robbers get on!  And that was the”Train Robbery” that happened to us.

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We Blow Our Tire

Derek - Saturday, 26 June 2010 05:52

On our ride to Amarillo we blew our first tire on this trip. It was the passenger tire on the camper. I had to help my dad get the jack out of the camper, but it was really a jack stand. Instead we had to use the jack in the car. Apparently the tire got too hot and blew. We got the spare on and hit the road. That was our blown tire experience. Read More

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The Creeping Derrick at the Arch

Derek - Tuesday, 22 June 2010 12:49

Before we went on the Arch we did some other cool stuff, too. First we watch movie about how the arch was built. When we were watching it we learned that one of the most helpful machine for this job was called the Creeping Derrick. A Creeping Derrick is a crane that creeps up the side of the Arch to put stuff higher up on the Arch.

We found a picture of the Creeping Derrick in an old Popular Mechanics magazine. The picture is the actual derrick as it is raising one of the sections of the Arch. It’s the machine on the right with the words “PDM” above it.

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