Rikki - Saturday, 3 July 2010 01:20

We’ve really seen some amazing sights so far!  Thursday began as a lazy day – just the way we like it!  Marty did some work while the kids and I just hung around the campsite.  This was the first day I really did some reading – of something other than children’s books!  I also tried to even out my “car tan” a bit, but it started sprinkling so I wasn’t very successful!  Oh well! Later in the day we went horseback riding on the land behind the campsite.  Sarah was on cloud 9! After horseback riding we went to Sedona, Arizona.   Sedona, Arizona – fun to say, and definitely fun to visit!  The drive to Sedona was breath-taking! 

Completely different than anything we’d ever experienced in Georgia, that’s for sure!  The town itself was breath-taking too!  What an amazing shopping experience – I could have spent the entire day there!  (And, most certainly, my entire paycheck!) We stopped by a chocolate shop for dessert.  Marty got a slice of cheesecake dipped in chocolate.  YUM!  Matthew had a hard time deciding between the chocolate covered Twinkie and the double-dipped chocolate covered Ding Dong.  He chose the Twinkie.  Derek opted for the Cookies and Cream Ice cream cone, and Sarah chose a carmel apple covered with cookies and a giant gummy worm! I enjoyed my bottled water… The night ended with the trip back to the campground in the dark.  Marty pulled over the truck and turned off the lights.  He opened up the sun roof and we stared up at the star covered sky…We were all amazed with how clear the sky was.  We’d never seen that many stars! Yep!  Definitely different than anything we’d ever experienced in Georgia! Pictures of us in Sedona Read More

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