Okefenokee Swamp – Stephen C. Foster State Park

Marty - Friday, 29 August 2008 12:46

We traveled down, but stayed in a hotel in Tifton on the way.

We had site #22. It was good!

Took a boat ride on Saturday. Lots of fun. Adventurous! Some tight turns. Not lots of wildlife, though.

Bunches of spiders on 1/2 mile long deck.

Went fishing with the boys while the girls did “spa night”. The girls even put cucumbers on their sunburnt noses and foreheads.

The boys didn’t catch a thing. We realized it was because of the alligators at the marina. Derek got his hook caught on the tail of an aggressive one. They were hungry for our bobbers.

Saw 4 alligators, 2 deer, 1 squirrel and 4 bats. Read More

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