Bald Ridge Campground

Marty - Friday, 26 March 2010 01:16

Bald Ridge Campground #54

First camping of 2010. Organized, cleaned and repaired. Patched two hold on the driver side front roof of camper due to CradlePoint installation. Oops.

Some campsite had timbers removed and concrete poured. #54 had this recently. New gravel in pad too.

Brought kids’ bikes on the trip. Found the only way to load three bikes at one time. Matt’s in the middle, upside down without his seat.

Weather was good. Cold and rainy one day though.

Unloaded and set up by myself. Packed and broke down by myself too.

Needed a black bag to hold the rug.

Replenished supplies, etc.

Bought wood from the guy right outside the park. $$$ goes to his kids’ college fund.

Verizon wireless was terrible for Internet! Read More

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River Forks, Hall County

Marty - Friday, 20 November 2009 01:16

November 20 through November 23, 2009

We camped here for the first time.

The site (#5) was small. Could barely squeeze everything on there. The fire pit was way off to the side.

Looks like the best sites are #29, #33, #34, #11.

It rained on Sunday. We still stayed there until Monday. It’s nice camping near home. We spent a part of the day at the house after church.

The campground was nice. Lots of things for the kids to do. Great beach and good hiking. Read More

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