Ruby Falls near Chattanooga, TN

Marty - Friday, 8 April 2011 10:45

We also stopped by Ruby Falls while we were camping near Chattanooga, TN. The falls were very cool. We’ve never seen anything like it. The story of how the falls were named is very cool. Wish I could find something like this and name it after Rikki! Oh, and ask Derek, Matthew or Sarah about what happens if you drink water from the falls. (WARNING: Just don’t do it!)

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Chattanooga Area – Drive in Movie Theater

Marty - Thursday, 7 April 2011 10:18

About 1 mile from the campground, in the valley, there was a really cool drive in movie theater. It reminded Marty of the few times he went as a kid with his family in the camper. We watched Hop and The Adjustment Bureau. The kids had a great time!

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Camping near Chattanooga – KOA at Lookout Mountain

Derek - Thursday, 7 April 2011 01:34

Looks like we made our way to a KOA at Lookout Mountain in Trenton, Georgia.

We are all having a blast at this campground. We parked our camper at site 51. It is a perfect spot. Right next to the playground, and not far from the store and restrooms.

One day, Mom, Dad and I went on a hiking on a mountain trail. We were able to see some amazing views of the mountainside.

On Monday a terrible storm hit and we had to go to the game room. We waited out for about an hour and half. Since it was game room I played Galaga and got number 2. Out of the all the people that tried no one could beat my high score. The storm calmed down and we were able to go back to our sites. Surprisingly our camper didn’t undergo any damages.

Other than the game room this KOA campsite has another one of my favorite features, a jumping pillow. The jumping pillow is a big inflatable tube that you just jump and bounce on. It is so fun to play on that I could be jumping and bounce all day.

Unfortunately the trip is almost over and we are all so sad. But we are still gonna have fun the rest of the trip.

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Rock City at Lookout Mountain, GA – near Chattanooga, TN

Marty - Wednesday, 6 April 2011 10:11

Rikki can remember seeing signs on road trips that said “See Rock City” as a child. She even remembers stopping once with her parents. Marty always got a kick out of seeing those bird houses in yards. So, part of our trip to Chattanooga, TN & Lookout Mountain, GA had to be a trip to Rock City. Since it was a long time since Rikki had been, she didn’t remember anything. So going on this little excursion was almost like going for the first time. Everyone really loved it. The sights were amazing. Lots of flowers, trees, bushes – even albino deer! But the rocks themselves were the hit of the show. We walked around for 3 hours and probably could have stayed for a lot longer. Our favorite part of the trip was the bridges near the top and the tight formations that we got to crawl through. We also like the observation platform that let you see 7 states in one place. (We got a little creeped out by the black light fairy tale cave. What were they thinking?) Pretty cool trip! Highly recommended.

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