Horseback riding

Sarah - Saturday, 3 July 2010 01:10

Our campsite is right next to a horse stable. On Thursday we went to the horses and mules to get ready to ride them. Then we got on them and started riding! The ride was pretty long. We saw a lot of trees and plants.

My horse’s name is R.B. His name stands for rubber belly because you can kick him and kick him and he won’t go. Derek’s mule’s name is Pistol. Matt’s mule’s name P.K. It stands for pretty kind. Mom’s horse’s name is Q. Dad’s horse’s name is P.Q.

Pictures of me on my horse.

Pistol farted a lot!!! P.K. liked to eat a lot!!! R.B found a big clob of grass at the last minute and would not go away from it so I had to slap his butt! I was surprised that R.B did not go off the trail!!! He must have been trained.

Pictures of the family on their horses