Grayton Beach State Park – Florida, Spring Break

Marty - Monday, 5 April 2010 01:30

8 hour drive including breakfast and a forced lunch. Scraped the towing harness pulling into a gas station for lunch. Repairs were done thanks to a KMart & its parking lot.

Grayton beach is nice! Old sites are nicer in terms of tree cover. New sites are nicer in terms of bath house, but no trees or privacy. New sites have waste hookups! Old site #s end at 36.

Kelly, her parents & sister were all here. Their site overlooked the lake and beach area. LOTS OF WIND! Our site was usually calm. We would rent ours again!

Destin is close – about 30 minutes to Walmart. Publix on 98 is easier; Publix near seaside is quicker but congested. Seaside was beautiful. Rent a condo here!

Beach was nice. Short with high dunes. Lots of waves and wind. Cold water! Long walk to the beach. Kids would ride their bikes and we would drive there.

Installed the new canopy. Nice! Mike Beckley had to help us understand the anchor ropes and wood. Good ‘ole Mike. We’d have many painful and frustrating camping stories to tell if it weren’t for him!

Replaced the bed rail wedge on the driver’s side. Saw a few holes int he bed covers. Need to call PECO to ask how to fix them.

Carbon monoxide detector went off on the last day while packing up. Probably due to turning off the heater and having the boy’s stuff surrounding that area.

We have the site until Sunday, but chose to leave on Saturday so Rikki could have a day of rest.

AT&T Wireless was acceptable. Verizon sucked! Went and bought a Blackberry so i could tether it to the CradlePoint.