Camera Cleanup

Marty - Thursday, 16 September 2010 03:12

I was going through some old camera SD cards and found a few photos that never made it onto the blog. These photos are all from our 2010 Route 66/Grand Canyon trip. Enjoy!

This sign was on the side of a bookstore that overlooked the Grand Canyon. It was literally built right on the rocks of the canyon’s walls.

I had a big smile when I saw it. Here, on top of one of God’s most magnificent creations, His Word is posted for all too see. Whoever posted this knew that God is the one who receives glory for this awesome view.

I also smiled because of the fact that this sign is resting squarely on a building managed by the National Park system. “Take that!” all those who believe in the separation of church and state. HA!


One morning Rikki and I hiked to the top of the ridge that overlooked our campground. The view was spectacular. All the Ponderosa Pines were awesome to hike by. And once we got to the top, we could see all the way to the south of I40, into the low lands around Williams, AZ.


And this was quite a fun find. While filling up with refreshments on the drive home, we saw this spill on the floor of a convenience store. The funny thing is that we were driving through Texas when we saw this. Notice the striking similarity in shape?